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We get it. For those of us that are not writers, writing essays is no fun. Especially when we have so many other responsibities already. If you don’t already have a knack for it, writing essays can be a long, drawn out process. You’re in luck! At Shula Tutoring we are prepared to put work with you and show you the techniques that are sure to get you that A!

Essays We Help With:

Essays for Class

College entrance essays

undergraduate theses

research papers

scholarship essays

Act/sat essay section

Grade Levels

Middle School (6 - 8)

High School (9-12)


Let us help you improve your writing skills. 

We will teach you how to write, not what to write. With the use of several techniques, you can improve your essay composition skills immensely.

Let’s Learn Together!

Our biggest incentive to keep pushing forward is YOUR success. Together lets craft a confidence you deserve. We are ready when you are! 

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