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We all know that feeling the night before a standardized exam and you feel like the next morning is about to be a complete flop. The good news is that at Shula Tutoring we have the tools to garauntee immediate test grade improvement!

Exams We Prepare For:

Algebra 1 Regents

Algebra 2 Regents

Advanced Placement Bio

Advanced Placement chem

Chemistry ACT

Biology ACT

Standardized Exams:



Advanced Placement (AP)

Who Is This For?

Taking any standardized exams whether its the Regents, ACT, PSAT or SAT can always be stressful. Not only do our families want us to do well, but there is also lots of peer pressure from classmates to perform. Standardized tests follow a diffferent formula than your average class tests. You are out of your element, usually amongst people you don’t know, and you need to use every tool available to you to succeed.

At Shula Tutoring we believe in every single student. We know that each student has the capability to do well. We are simply here to unlock your inner strength and teach you how to think, not what to think.

Regents Exams

Regents Exams are exams on each core subject taken by all high schoolers in the state of New York. In order to pass high school, its not enough for students to get passing grades, they must also get their Regents Diplomas certifying that they passed each core subject exam.

ACT Exams

Colleges used several metrics to accept students. One of the components of admission is an examination proving their intelligence in core subjects. The two exams used by colleges are the SAT’s and the ACTs. The ACT is slightly different from the SAT in part due to the ACT science section.

Advanced Placement (AP) Exams

Many high schools in the US provide their student with the option to get college credits while in high school. In order to get college credit, AP students take whats known as a National Exam. Most colleges accept the score of 4 out 5 to grant them college credit for that subject.

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Our biggest incentive to keep pushing forward is YOUR success. Together lets craft a confidence you deserve. We are ready when you are! 

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